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I can't say I like art gallery collabs much, it is hardly an animation at all. However there was some good art and the shear quantity of artists got together was impressive, as was the choice of music.

Abbyka responds:

Yeah this was a while ago for me. I'm ashamed and kind of wish I could be removed from it. That was when I was getting started with digital art. I sucked,

Its fun; it's OK, This should SURELY be the first of series. Good sound, OK animation. Mildly humourous. Yeah, make more!

TheDogtor responds:

Hehe, cool, thank you! :P

Its OK, but make it stop/replay !

Its not that great really and yet, it is the start of something phenominal. Its a slightly glorified stick-men fight, with a drop of humour and a bit of imagination.
However, it does have good sounds and all the other basics.

Ah, now this one took a little bit more effort than some of yours and has a really good good rant- spot on! I liked her responses too.

This is a good collab. Most are just bits of garbage that would not make it through judgement themselves. These made me smile. #3 definitely had it for me, such a sweet idea and so well done.

Still fairly basic, but I hope this is going somewhere. Vaguely amusing.

OK, I hope you develop this into something where the PCP are a distinctive group with their own characteristics- more I hope than just people with cat's heads.

Welcome, Forks of the #People Cat People !!

It was a reasonable first go, with all the basics, including a vaguely humorous idea. I hope you can make something a bit less repetitive and more interesting next time.

Welcome People Cat People - from the Dragons & Spirits :)

Its OK. Tolerable animation/art. Sound is hard to hear in parts- repeated it twice and couldn't make it all out, but yeah, I'll just about Protect it.

Can't say there is that much to it, but what there is is OK- sound, clear voice, a message worth saying, to a conclusion, pleasant music, nice enough art boxes ticked.

At first, I resisted the idea of it being "like an idiot" and then I accepted that putting it like that draws attention to the message and made me think. Obviously, as you explain it, it is not really "like an idiot", but from a perfectionist's point of view, not aiming for perfection might seem idiotic anyway, so yeah, I will go with this.

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