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Probably the highest score I have given a stick movie ! It is a good quality LS fight, with quite a bit of detail and some good ideas, including the end.

Meh, get on with giving us something entertaining and learn to spell.

ComicalCoAnimations responds:

learn to spell what? though? i know how to spell it's just it seems funnier to spell like that
Edit: wtf is that even supposed to mean @stevetherapper

stevetherapper responds:

Lol. You mean the name of the series Comicalcoanimations reanimated?
Edit: Boi.

Nothing to it really. Very simple; no reason to want to keep it. OK quality.

SHOSHBIA responds:

Thanks for the review

Very good stuff. I was riveted and immediately replayed. The art and animation are excelant- I was stunned by the vision of the light through the branches and thought for a moment it was real.
As for what is going on, I have no idea and I suspect that maybe you don't either!
For a while, I could not see where the BAD bit came in, then it became very grim. I suppose I just interpret it as a sequence of dreams, which may or may not have any meaning to her.
My definition of a good story writing includes the idea of making the reader/viewer care and I found that I did. I wanted to hug her and make it all right for her- and stroke the green foxy thing. The sound/music choice is also spot on.
Nothing I would change.

It is barely an animation at all, but you have done the best you can to develop it into something to watch through the video, using the zoom effectively to show the incredible detail of the picture and the sketching as well, which successfully adds interest and motion.

I rarely give as high as 6/10 for something which is basically a picture, but you have shown how appropriate good music etc, can make such a video worth watching.

As for the picture itself, I congratulate the artist. Such action and such detail !
Slightly let down IMO by the archer who doesn't really look like she is actually in a battle at all, unlike her comrades. Perhaps you were intending her to be aloof from the battle etc, but if so, I think that went a bit too far. May I suggest watching archery in motion. Too many films show people, especially women, flicking off arrows like it was effortless. Piercing the enemy for such a slight person would be a real strain, an effort; every moment would be shooting, then straight on to the next arrow, desperately trying to take the monster down before too late.
Her stance also looks a little odd. I don't see how one can bend one leg that much without the other, whilst standing straight-try it!

Lifepoint1 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! Really appreciate the in-depth comments.

Good stuff. Art very good. animation limited, but good- good timing with the music. The imagery started off very good, then as the drums kicked in, I wasn't so sure the music had the right atmosphere for the "story".
You might think of coming back to this one day for a sequel !

Welcome Back! Pleasant. Enjoyable. All looks and sounds great. Emma's voice is lovely !

Back when something actually Happened in a Foamy :)

Obviously there is some kind of work and talent in this, but I can't see why we would want to keep this here. It doesn't really do anything and the sound is hideous.

Not impressed by your whole idea of uploading it incomplete and pointlessly here, when you plan the finished product to be elsewhere.

CenkuProductions responds:

Any comments or suggestions??? Tell newhere on patreon:

I enjoyed the idea of expressing the characters in simplified, but still recognisable form. It ticked all the boxes of story, sound, music etc, so yeah, OK.

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