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It really captures the style of the Clock Crew and Strawberry, the character's part in it. The art and animation, whilst not being spectacular, do the job and follow the Clock style. I would have liked it if SBC had a few seeds on him.

The humour was great- "frosting makes..."

I used to hate the Speakonia voices, but I accept that they are the correct voices for the Clock Crew regardless.

Nice to see proper credits.

Best Wishes to the Clock Crew from the Dragons & Spirits :)

OK there is very little to it, but what there is is just about OK, plus it reminds me of my own animation- Ibby's Hair Restorer. Its got sound, animation and a scrap of humour, so OK.

JMBPro responds:

I agree lol, it was originally thrown together for YouTube. I normally use NewGrounds.com for my more professional content.

Although you might feel this is very creative, why would we want to watch it? Perhaps you might submit it as art?

From the viewers point of view, there is nothing interesting or entertaining about it. Please come back with something actually interesting or entertaining OK? :)

WeiZMei responds:

im here to dump art, i dont care about people who look at it or not

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No explanation, or instructions, no sound no acheivement, no sense and Quit button doesn't work. Test it, sort it.

TheBlueRuby responds:

Sorry, I quitted development on it. I just thought I would upload it for the lols. If you want to play it, the keys to are, left arrow key, to move left, right arrow key to move right, and up arrow key to jump.

Very functional, good looking and OK Music. The selection is great- all the obvious characters are done in detail.

The only details that disappoint are the poor spelling- one really needs to get things like this checked and proofread by someone else- some of the errors are really irritating and lower the reader's confidence in what you say. That and the fact that a small amount of the text overlaps the drawing, making it less easy to read and understand than it might be.

Aprime responds:

Yeah, sorry about that.

I was 16 when I made this and my spelling wasn't the best.
As for the fonts, I had to decompile the project to change the music and that must have messed the fonts and positions up.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of it though.

It ticks all the boxes, with good, apt music, very good art and lots of good looking options for dressup. The presents options was a nice touch. It amused me that without the beard he happens to look like John Bercow the UK Speaker of parliament!

Higher scores could be had with more animation in the room, options of music and options of scenes, but there is nothing wrong with the game as it is.

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Its very clear and reasonably well paced. You clearly have the voice for professional voice work.

I personally would choose to do it slightly slower without such heavy emphasis on the words "spaceships" "spies" and "custodian". But maybe that is just me.

Quisty responds:

I have a habit to be dramatic with words. Thank you for a lovely review :)

This sounds like good work- I am sure the album is great and should be a success- as far as we can hear from this.
6/10 is as high as I would go for a teaser- it isn't that great listening as it is, just little snippets.

Good luck in Japan later this month.

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers for the review! I'll be sure to update with the Isukado and Apollo shop links when they're ready.

EDIT: The shop links are in the description and the album is out!

It is OK. Listenable. A bit thin in parts and, yes, it seems rather unfinished,, but I sympathise with you in wanting to ensure that some music gets out there.

RC75 responds:

Thanks for understanding. Usually I'd work on a song for a few days/weeks and then release it when I though it to be finished. However, lately I've been seeming to keep going back and keep changing things while still starting new projects, and it put me in a musician's block so to speak. The past two years have been like this. Though I think it's also partly due to my standards of music making going up the past two years. However, that doesn't start to show until some unreleased songs I've done. This song is about a year and a half old, and I never quite got to finishing it as I had new projects to work on, and I never truly felt it was ready to be released. I still don't, but I need to get some older, less finished stuff out to make room for my new music. Thanks for listening and reviewing!

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She is lovely! Is she part of a story? If not, I might write one.
The more I look, the more detail I see. I love the pose, it seems very natural. The stitches on the leatherwork are 100% The light and shade are top class.
I appreciate that the detail is sharper on her to make her the focus, but the grass is still not quite up there- since not one blade of it overlaps with anything except the tree root, not a foot, strap or a scroll etc, it looks as if she is on a flat floor with a picture of grass on it.
Possibly you might work on making things look slightly more worn/torn/used/dirty to give yourself the final edge of realism. That might even apply to her skin, but you might argue that the youthful perfection is the look you wanted and is part of the picture's appeal.
This is a lovely picture and richly deserves FP and DF.

OK. Its kinda pretty and looks OK. I like the sunshine thing, although the shine on the side of the balloons does not correspond with it. The art is not very accurate, of course, with its wierd road and funny shaped balloons, but its stylised and cheerfulIt reminds me of seeing dozens of hot air balloons flying over London once many years ago. Some thing about the colours reminds me or stained glass windows.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Ok thank you


good work

Looks good. Love the light effects etc.

Can't understand the pic, though. Falling seeds? Water? Wierd plants in the background?

To be honest, I don't think I would have identified the canine as a wolf, though I can't put my finger on what is wrong with it.

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