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Congratulations Noogai !

I have been gone a long time and on my return I see that much has changed on NG, but you are still there in the top 50.

Yes, it DOES stay true to the original spirit and appeal. The sounds, animation, story, music and everything is right up there. Seriously, if there was anything I would change, I would tell you.


Sorry, doesn't make sense to me. Sounds OK, animation reasonable.

Please improve spelling, have proper end and credits. This is surely just an alpha and not fit for submission yet. Please work on it.

cubehead165 responds:

to be honest your right I need to put much more time into this things and stop stalling!
thanks for your help though!

Yes, this makes sense. I don't even go out much on New Year's myself, but I can see that it would be as you describe.

A bit of colour would be nice, of course, and the animation isn't exactly ambitious, but its OK.

The sound is all good, I can hear every word and the voices did the job. Were they all you?

Are there no friends or family you could see? That is probably a better way and don't forget to phone some older relative that might not see or hear from anyone for New Year's- I have a small sherry with my Mum and know that even if I am not being "cool" she is happy and THAT is more important :)

COAEM responds:

hey, awesome I'm glad that the points came across well or was funny to people that may not have experienced them for there selfs.

I'm probably going to keep the black and white and save the colours for things like blood, crap, water ect. but im happy for the feedback

yep all the voices where done by me!

Normally i just hangout with my mates and the family all go to bed or are doing their own thing but your new years eve sounds pretty sweet!

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Very slow and not attractive, but an interesting idea. Not sure where it was going as I only completed two days before getting bored with the same people asking for the same things, very slowly. I think the buttons have poor hit areas or something. Liked the music.

OK, it does work and it has music. It is a dressup, but no...
Its very basic, with so little options and interest that it holds no interest to me. The black garment with red stripe looks quite good but thats it.
Only dressups with a fair few options, preferably with some animation, maybe background options and better art than this would get over a 1 from me.

Its a start.

Built 2 snowmen

+ it all works
+ it looks OK
+it has music

- Nothing added or special - most decent Dressups have a little animation etc. or alternative bgds.
- music dull
- I can't figure out what some of the items are- the dark double humps are?
- Spelling, so little writing, you could get it right

megadoctor responds:

Double Humps were supposed to be their feet, Sorry I'm not yet so good at drawing.

Thanks for reviewing.

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It is clearly spoken- you can make out every word. It is spaced in a bland, but not incorrect way. It may have its uses, but it has no passion, no soul and is almost unpleasent to listen to- perhaps that might be the point of using this voice.

ti-on-suxandrox responds:

It actually is a bit of a homage to Henry Rollins's spoken word pieces on Black Flag's Family Man album.

Your music is GREAT. I just checked this out and of course, I LOVE IT- as ever, exactly what it is supposed to be, to the last bar- build up, build up, last quiet, serious bit!

Of course its great! I've never heard any of your work that I didn't enjoy. Great track for a movie.

My only slight criticism is that it is a little too like your Christmas track. Do I just say that its your style... hmm not sure.

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OK. Its kinda pretty and looks OK. I like the sunshine thing, although the shine on the side of the balloons does not correspond with it. The art is not very accurate, of course, with its wierd road and funny shaped balloons, but its stylised and cheerfulIt reminds me of seeing dozens of hot air balloons flying over London once many years ago. Some thing about the colours reminds me or stained glass windows.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Ok thank you


Very good

You might just tell us in the notes who these people are- where this story comes from.

Its a nice picture- I can almost hear voices speaking, the emotions are all there in their faces.

Do I understand from the text the the white haired furry is male? I wouldn't have guessed.

The black horn on her left looks a little too far over, like its coming up from beyond the edge of her head. Are the two horns supposed to be assymetrical?

good work

Looks good. Love the light effects etc.

Can't understand the pic, though. Falling seeds? Water? Wierd plants in the background?

To be honest, I don't think I would have identified the canine as a wolf, though I can't put my finger on what is wrong with it.

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