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Its beautiful !

I wish I could animate well enough to visualise this and I truly hope somebody can do it justice.

Simple, but effective and funny. It is exactly what it is supposed to be

I SO wish I had something to use it in !

Nice. Reminds me of 70's Music ! Mellow stuff, usable. I could see this being used in a submission of some sort.

Yep, my ears are bleeding. That must have actually been quite hard to do. ;)

Little-Rena responds:

Not really, it's a skill.

As it is I don't like it. If only it looped smoothly it would be quite usable, although not either interesting or original.

Good stuff- It totally sounds like there are a number of different people doing the voices. Welcome to the competition- may the best voice win!

Denkles responds:

I appreciate it, best of luck to you too! I'm excited to give this competition a try!

Its very clear and reasonably well paced. You clearly have the voice for professional voice work.

I personally would choose to do it slightly slower without such heavy emphasis on the words "spaceships" "spies" and "custodian". But maybe that is just me.

Quisty responds:

I have a habit to be dramatic with words. Thank you for a lovely review :)

This sounds like good work- I am sure the album is great and should be a success- as far as we can hear from this.
6/10 is as high as I would go for a teaser- it isn't that great listening as it is, just little snippets.

Good luck in Japan later this month.

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers for the review! I'll be sure to update with the Isukado and Apollo shop links when they're ready.

EDIT: The shop links are in the description and the album is out!

It is OK. Listenable. A bit thin in parts and, yes, it seems rather unfinished,, but I sympathise with you in wanting to ensure that some music gets out there.

RC75 responds:

Thanks for understanding. Usually I'd work on a song for a few days/weeks and then release it when I though it to be finished. However, lately I've been seeming to keep going back and keep changing things while still starting new projects, and it put me in a musician's block so to speak. The past two years have been like this. Though I think it's also partly due to my standards of music making going up the past two years. However, that doesn't start to show until some unreleased songs I've done. This song is about a year and a half old, and I never quite got to finishing it as I had new projects to work on, and I never truly felt it was ready to be released. I still don't, but I need to get some older, less finished stuff out to make room for my new music. Thanks for listening and reviewing!

Your music is GREAT. I just checked this out and of course, I LOVE IT- as ever, exactly what it is supposed to be, to the last bar- build up, build up, last quiet, serious bit!

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