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As a game it works OK, but its not very special. I give it an extra 1/2 star because of its skill as a humorous "tribute"/ April Fools.

I cant get it to work at all.

I'm confused. This appears to have taken Time and Effort.
Who are you and what have they done with Little-Rena ?


Little-Rena responds:

I did, but sadly, the reception doesn't match the effort put in, and that made me sad! I think there are many things I could have improved here, but it's too late now.

Its OK. Its a bit of fun. It doesn't work totally because a couple of the words are not as you have described- you asked for adjectives in places where they would not be adjectives. Never mind- I got this:

"In their new book, The Art of the Deal, Robert is to have said that COVID-19 is 'They were all stupid', which many have seen as a rather red opinion. Experts have called on The UK, where The Art of the Deal has been published, to take action, as Robert referencing i-phone as part of the problem to COVID-19 may cause ugly among the population.

President Donald Trump today quoted the book in their election speech, in what can only be described as sloppy. The President is considered to be a long time sister of Robert, both of them having worked together in farmer. We are unsure if The UK will take any action against the book, or it's authour.

We did reach out to Robert to ask for their thoughts, to which they reiterated that 'i-phone is to blame' going to to say 'but the cure, it's not to stop i-phone, it's to use toothbrush with it, and we can treat those who have it with table'.

Robert has taken out a patent on table, and intends to sell it for $four, but doctors say this table is sloppy and won't work as a result.

We here are The Times do firmly believe that Robert is a true moronic and will go a long way.

Alan - Health Editor

I do like the music- it adds a certain sense of urgency to the news !

Little-Rena responds:

English is hard, I needed some "the" in there as well.

Its all fine as far as I got. Its too late tonight, but I got to 12 and gave up. Puzzle and action all fine. Music makes my head nod along all the way through. Challenging in platform skill and logic. Nothing wrong with it as far as I can see.

Kinda made me smile a little bit.

I don't play games often and not usually for very long. I got something out of this and carried on a while, when I should really have gone to bed- I've done a few levels, but I gotta go!

I think there should have been less difference between 1 and 2. I almost gave up before I got the hang of the control across the diagonals.

I love the sense of realism- so many of these are just white lines. I loved the fact that you could "realistically" bump the axes and survive as long as they didn't chop you and the fact that the different enemies did different things to you.

I might even come back to this, which is rare for me ;)

Its OK, it all works and can turn out quite funny. The spacing is not quite right, but otherwise it does the job.

Thank goodness, I am finally able to give an honest over-three to my old friend L-R !

I can even give it a meaningful review !

I enjoyed it- it had some good choices, a variety of music and it all worked well. I give it over-three because MEDALS GOT !!!!


1. No Pineapple :( Sorry, I know you made four different images, which I appreciate, but four without the fifth?

2. The click area on a few of the small items should be invisibly extended beyond the image a bit- apple's whiskers and the Orange dots.

3. Credits a bit hard to read in that colour.

Question- where did the inspiration for the items come from? Apart from the obvious crown are they associated with particular films etc?

Little-Rena responds:

You can always give me an honest review! Usually, it'll just tell me things I already know!

The big problem I had with this is that I left it to the last minute, in my traditional style! I would have had more of the Clocks, but the problem was coming up with ideas for more items, as for the items themselves, I was trying to go with things that looked good. Originally, the cat stuff was going to be for Orange I think, but they looked better on Apple, so I moved them over.

As for the credits, I forgot to add shadow from the looks, that would have made it so much easier to read! Anyway, thanks for the review!

I found it hard to understand what I was supposed to be doing, plus very hard to know from the crummy pictures, what the things represent. I rarely pass anything with no sounds. Whale sounds would be apt.

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