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Very slow and not attractive, but an interesting idea. Not sure where it was going as I only completed two days before getting bored with the same people asking for the same things, very slowly. I think the buttons have poor hit areas or something. Liked the music.

OK, it does work and it has music. It is a dressup, but no...
Its very basic, with so little options and interest that it holds no interest to me. The black garment with red stripe looks quite good but thats it.
Only dressups with a fair few options, preferably with some animation, maybe background options and better art than this would get over a 1 from me.

Its a start.

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Built 2 snowmen

+ it all works
+ it looks OK
+it has music

- Nothing added or special - most decent Dressups have a little animation etc. or alternative bgds.
- music dull
- I can't figure out what some of the items are- the dark double humps are?
- Spelling, so little writing, you could get it right

megadoctor responds:

Double Humps were supposed to be their feet, Sorry I'm not yet so good at drawing.

Thanks for reviewing.

Good, but could be more challenging

I got all the questions right first time- although I admit that some where educated guesses.

To test it more, I did it again and got 10 right and 2 wrong. In some cases you can guess a likely answer, which got me through.

Funnily enough, I tried a THIRD time and got 3 wrong, despite having some of the same questions so I will stop now!

+sound good
-music limited and not interesting-needs more music
+art v good
+ animation good, though not interesting or at all ambitious
+ working OK - the walking man sometimes hesitates a second

It would be better if there was a leader board- the scores are pretty meaningless if you have no comparison.

The die should "fall down flat" when it reaches the number, it would look SO much better.

The walking man should look sad when he goes back some.

All in all a functional game, but not at all exciting -nothing memorable or interesting. Also, since you don't get told the right answers when you get them wrong you don't really learn anything.

Compared with my quizzes, which are so limited visually, this one looks SO professional, but the actual quiz is limited and uninspiring, with largely data/numbers questions which are dull.

Good Collection!

+Its funny,
+its a big collection.
+Mostly it looks OK and it works OK.

-No sound- could have music
-A few text errors, such as odd capitols- but not many
-The random element gets annoying after a bit as you see more and more of the ones you have seen, searching for more new ones
-A few of the background colours don't look good with the text
-Some form of credits would be good.

I gave you 3/5- it made me smile, which is the main thing

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I like it

The game is not all that special, but its OK. The music is fine and it all looks good. The clothes options was a nice touch. I like to see a few feminine orientated things here- it makes a change. I think it is great to have a little promo of Childline, tho I am cautious of the idea of too much advertising on here.


Lovely music. sweet game. Mechanics were detailed and interesting. We played all the way through, just managing not to use the hints! We enjoyed it all, though we had expected to see the spider in action at some point.

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good little game

Quite a simple game of its type, many others like it would have more levels.

However, it looked good and worked quite well. The graphics really looked good, making a simple mouse follower game into part of a theme of deactivating game was a good idea, with the sparky contacts in it and the bomb pix in the background.

The second part was a little unpredictable at the start- sometimes I clicked and ran the mouse round the circuit but nothing happened. Sometimes as I ran the mouse round the circuit, the overlay of instructions stayed there, which was distracting.

I played the game four times to give it a full review and to put the UK firmly at the top! I played cautiously at first and only detonated the bomb by running out of time on the third attempt. I see I have now been overtaken, but I am not going to fight that fight all night... well maybe just one more try!

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very basic

doesn't do much, but at least it is what it says it is and I like the music!

Its got background, humour, art- what more do we want...?

... a point maybe!

Its a start, do more :)


all I get is a blank white screen. I tried play three times

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