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I am not familiar with the subject, but this image certainly has impact. The orange/evil reminds me of Halloween- certainly the stuff of nightmares. Not what you want to meet in a dark alleyway (or have as your president).

Quisty responds:

Thank you for the review. I love your comments ;)

She is lovely! Is she part of a story? If not, I might write one.
The more I look, the more detail I see. I love the pose, it seems very natural. The stitches on the leatherwork are 100% The light and shade are top class.
I appreciate that the detail is sharper on her to make her the focus, but the grass is still not quite up there- since not one blade of it overlaps with anything except the tree root, not a foot, strap or a scroll etc, it looks as if she is on a flat floor with a picture of grass on it.
Possibly you might work on making things look slightly more worn/torn/used/dirty to give yourself the final edge of realism. That might even apply to her skin, but you might argue that the youthful perfection is the look you wanted and is part of the picture's appeal.
This is a lovely picture and richly deserves FP and DF.

OK. Its kinda pretty and looks OK. I like the sunshine thing, although the shine on the side of the balloons does not correspond with it. The art is not very accurate, of course, with its wierd road and funny shaped balloons, but its stylised and cheerfulIt reminds me of seeing dozens of hot air balloons flying over London once many years ago. Some thing about the colours reminds me or stained glass windows.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Ok thank you


good work

Looks good. Love the light effects etc.

Can't understand the pic, though. Falling seeds? Water? Wierd plants in the background?

To be honest, I don't think I would have identified the canine as a wolf, though I can't put my finger on what is wrong with it.

Good, not great

The light on the mushroom makes it look like shiney plastic- great 3D effect, but not realistic for any mushroom I know. Also, the gills underneath come together at a point just in front of the stipe (stalk) instead of around it.

I don't have a problem with the green background except that it is only behind it- the mushrooms need to be growing in and amongst something- if you put a few blades of grass in front and around it, the problems your critics refer to would IMO dissappear.

Try studying some real fungi and improving this one- it would be a good excercise- everyone here draws people and faces- be different!

Nice pic

She is cute and reminds me of a friend of mine. The dress is lovely. I would love to see my girlfriend in it!

I would love to see her animated- maybe just something simple like waving at "camera", or curtseying in that lovely dress. I would love to see her break into a little smile - she looks serious.
Alternatively, are those bars on the windows? Does her family keep her in the house away from strangers? Is she sad, lonely and in need of flowers and birds to cheer her up?
There- your work inspires me!

We must work together more. When Femme Fatale is finished I will send you all the rest of my stories to choose from.

Never throw away usable work- you never know when you might want it. I have all sort of bits and pieces and they are all going into one of my forthcoming games.

Looks good

Quite punchy and effective. Needs a little cleaning up, especially the arrows to be as clear and punchy as it could be. I like the glowing effect.

Very good

good details, good texture. The head is well-shaded, but the body is a little flat.

Don't understand the background- what is it? A giant red cheetah?

Whilst this may be a perfect copy of an image of a cheetah, it doesn't reflect the very slim figure of the high-speed animal that the cheetah is. It may be an unfortunate angle, but it looks more like a leopard in that sense. Cheetahs are the greyhounds of cat family and they look like it.

Sawke responds:

ya the heads a little off i wanted it to look flat and graphic.

Quite Good

The gun is slightly twisted in perspective from where the hand is and the handle, the barrel should point lower. Otherwise its OK.

WeHaveFreshCookies responds:

Thank you. =)

Not bad

Quite simple, but OK.

Slightly gradient sky colour would help, I would remove the black lines on the edge of the hills and I can't make out what the dark green is on the left. Kinda like a cross between a tree and green smoke.

I imagine you could do better if you put your mind to it- maybe you should try sometime, just to have one good thing on your art profile.

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