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Looks good. Nice detailed BG, good lighting. four good superhero stereotypes- just what you want for a game. One reasonable thug- type- again, just right for the game balanced pic. No problems.

So how are you getting on with the game? I assume you mean FoJ when you wrote FoT !

You may have to do more for Newgrounds before most people will come on board. So many newbies are full of dreams and can't finish anything- you have at least finished and submitted a good pic. Since you can do art to this level, I suggest you put together a couple more pix relevant to the game, both to give us ideas of what you have in mind and to prove your commitment to the project. If you got scouted, you would be established as an artist here, which would motivate people to support your project.

FriedShowdown responds:

Thanks for the support and advice. I'm currently in process of designing the characters and the layout of the game, and have been contacted by a programmer who seems very much up for it, which is great! I also have VAs who have recorded lines for the game, which will make the characters much more believable!
We will be starting with the lower tier characters and seeing how it goes. Hopefully get the game up and running by next year, and with some support will make sure this game becomes a hit! Please get in touch if you have any ideas for the game, or if you would like more updates on the game, please contact me for links to my Instagram and Patreon pages.

Many thanks,

From Kev

Its totally HIM! I don't even watch much Madness, not being a fan, but I knew instantly who it was. I studied it to see if I could nit-pick it at all and justify not giving it all my five, but no, its all there.

I love the fact that I feel as if I KNOW the Fire boy! He somehow looks just like a young student; his body JUST as that person would be sitting and he WOULD be showing off his fire. The angles, the perspective etc is all really challenging and impressive. In some ways this is more technically impressive than your Annikas, but the original Annika still has it! She just looks up at us and steps right into our heart- we want to hug her and share her journey with her!

The leather work is very good, as ever and the lighting is great.

To truly nitpick, I would say that the Fire boy's jawline is just a tad odd- I can't quite put my finger on it. If you wanted to push the realism a tiny fraction, things might look slightly less perfect. The stones could have a little dirt or cracks etc; however, you could argue that you wanted the Academy to look perfect if you wish. Might I suggest you make a female character with slightly more weight on her some time? Something more than an improbably 22" waist.

I'm hard pressed to decide between 4.5 and 5 again. Only looking at the very best of deviantArt reminds me that it might be possible to push yourself just a little further...

It is, of course a great picture. There is nothing technically wrong with it, but it doesn't have that inspirational touch of the pic Annika. "charm" is not a tag I would put on this.
You have captured the idea of cold, including Annika looking as if she has had a dark experience, changing her outlook.

Not much to it and not something one really needed to submit in the Portal, IMO, but I imagine there is quite a bit of work in this and I agree with Cyberdevil that it is cute. One could use this. Weird is good on Newgrounds. Do something with it that is actually entertaining.

davidpuralocura responds:

I'm not sure if i could use this on something else but we will see
as for why i submitted it to the portal was just to make something for
the gato robot art even if i know its not a master piece

Good looking Dragon! Nicely done scales. The orientation of the scales can be difficult and you did well. The detail stood up to zooming in and still looked fine. Lighting good, Background OK. Lose the horn, it looks naff.

This is quite nice; the angles and proportions are good and unlike some of your other drawings the limbs are in more realistic positions. To make Jam look as if he is IN the grass, rather than a picture put on over it, you just need a few blades of grass going across his body.

Flowercat07 responds:

Yeah. Sometimes I'm a good fan of Yeah Jam Fury, but I liked Yeah a lot, even though the grass needs some more blades of grass. :)

It took me a few seconds to figure out why the left hand looks odd- it is the wrong way round. If the view of the right hand is palm upwards, as the inner elbow view suggests, it is also the wrong way round- it s easily done!
Keep going; you are going to make some nice pictures :)

Its OK.
Her right foot IS good; its the left foot, which has toes like a right foot that is the problem! I don't know what art programme you are using, but sometimes when you have to make something a mirror image and one side looks good, you can just copy/reverse it.
I see you have worked on putting shade in; having put the sun in the pic, it is better if the shade works away from that.
Hope that helps :)

She is lovely! Is she part of a story? If not, I might write one.
The more I look, the more detail I see. I love the pose, it seems very natural. The stitches on the leatherwork are 100% The light and shade are top class.
I appreciate that the detail is sharper on her to make her the focus, but the grass is still not quite up there- since not one blade of it overlaps with anything except the tree root, not a foot, strap or a scroll etc, it looks as if she is on a flat floor with a picture of grass on it.
Possibly you might work on making things look slightly more worn/torn/used/dirty to give yourself the final edge of realism. That might even apply to her skin, but you might argue that the youthful perfection is the look you wanted and is part of the picture's appeal.
This is a lovely picture and richly deserves FP and DF.

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