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Was part of the Dragon & Spirit Alliance. My DS Halloween & Christmas Quizzes are in the 2006 Collections. I am the main organiser on Wikigrounds, though I don't spend much time either there or here these days. I am a writer in the Monthly Writing Comp.

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IceDragon64's News

Posted by IceDragon64 - 1 month ago

I have just submitted my entry for the MWC Jan 2019.  The challenge was to write a story up to 4000 words on the subject of New Beginnings.  I wanted an original twist so I started to write about one person who was NOT getting a new beginning whilst others were, but once I get started I don't entirely write the stories, they often more or less write themselves and I often havde to wrestle with the story to maintain control.  Anyhow, after the first draft I have spent days and days going over it and doing loads of inspirational and confirming research on the Gallilean Moons of Jupiter, where it is set and I hope that along with the story and  Martha's personality there will be an interesting background to explore.  If there is anything I am worried about, it is that perhaps I have tried to hard to be everything for everybody (on a site which is Everything BY Everybody).  Goodnight !



Posted by IceDragon64 - December 14th, 2018

A new book has just come out with three stories from me in it:  Records, Rivers and Rats.  You can buy it on the internet- http://www.circaidygregory.co.uk/Earlyworks%20Press%20Records%20Rivers%20and%20Rats.htm 

or I have copies if you see me.  


Posted by IceDragon64 - December 10th, 2018

I dropped in for my annual visit last week and started poking around on the Wikigrounds thread and on Wikigrounds itself.  I have found a few people to talk to and maybe, just maybe, we might get some teamwork going again. 

The wiki is NOT dead and never has been.  exploring the changes, I can assure you, that with no publicity on NG or anywhere else, people have been coming by ever since the last team broke up in about 2012 and adding over 100 pages and doing some good work. 

Whatever happens I will NOT be coming back regularly, nor doing a great deal of work, but I might drop by a few times in the next few months to support and initiative taken through the Wikigrounds thread in the BBS.

Wikigrounds forever !!!  


Posted by IceDragon64 - June 27th, 2013

Hello Newgrounds! I don't come by very often these days, I've just popped in to see how it all is. The site changes a bit too fast for me now, I can't keep up! I hope some of you will consider dropping into Wikigrounds and keeping it up. I really can't spare the time any more and it would be a shame to let all that work get rusty and out of date. I hope someone will revitalise the Wikigrounds club thread too, its a great project and a great learning experience for someone who wants to get involved, or explore Newgrounds.

As for animating- I don't see that happening any time soon, I always struggled so much with sound etc. However, I do have a string of ideas and stored material and I am willing to collaborate with someone, providing art, experience and effort if someone else is ready to be the submitting author and do the bulk of the animating and sound.

My charity work keeps me very busy these days, on top of a full time job. The Dragons are still together, still giving blood and doing charity work, but not currently doing anything with animation or NG. The picture is three of us on our beloved New Southgate Millennium Green on a break from litterpicking etc.

If you leave a message for me on Wikigrounds I will get an e-mail

Best wishes to everyone- hope Newgrounds goes from strength to strength!

Passing by


Posted by IceDragon64 - February 19th, 2012

None of the old crowd are regularly on WikiG any more and I, for one will not be returning night after night. We do Watch for vandalism, but the creativity is in major decline. The wiki badly needs someone to come in and breath life into it. Somebody could take it on, as a succesion of other guys have done, and make a real difference working just a few hours a week, or even just once a month.
The wiki is quietly edited by passers-by and occasional returning regulars, but it needs some guidance and motivation from a small team, or even just one person. Somebody needs to breath life into the Club on the NG forums, to contact the old regulars, to plan the monthly themes and to change the Main Page Featured Articles. That person does not need to be a Wiki expert and the old crowd, including me, WOULD respond to somebody making an effort.
In the years that I was kind of at the helm, I learnt SO much and we achieved SO much, but I have other things to do now- what with a gf and a book to get published.
Contact me, or Salnax, or just get editing and people will reappear.

New Leadership for Wikigrounds?

Posted by IceDragon64 - October 13th, 2011

The theme for the month of October is to add links and info from interviews with The Interviewer onto the relevent Pages.
I am busy elsewhere, so I don't know what work is being done on this- I will not be involved. However, my guess is that a relatively small ammount of work on this project will bag this month's competition for a Wikigrounds editor and get your name on the list of winners.
The details are all on the Wikigrounds Main Page.

Posted by IceDragon64 - October 4th, 2011

I am proud to be in the top ranks that get the chance to vote on the Monthly Flash Award, but I rarely take part. This is not because I can't be bothered or don't care. The flash I watch are usually whatever is in Judgment and only a small proportion of the top scorers. Thus when the great array of choice appears I feel I would not want to just pick from the few I watch - that would not be fair. It would create, for example, an unfair bias against games, which I do not have time for. The votes seem stacked against most of the games enough as it is- as Salnax observes on Wikigrounds.

To those of you who do watch and play all the Monthly selection and give them a fair judgment, which would take a lot of time and patience- I take my hat off to you!

Posted by IceDragon64 - August 19th, 2011

I have been asked, as an independant person with a good reputation, to Post that to my knowledge the Soup Squad do not produce offensive material and that Reyn0rrr is not connected to the Soup Squad. Having had the same experience, of having my User Icon stolen and used in an offensive way, I sympathise with Narcissy, the owner of the Canned Soup icon that Reyn0rrr is currently using.

Posted by IceDragon64 - August 18th, 2011

I submitted my little Clock day movie twice by mistake- long story. It made me the great sum of 2c on the first day. I then deleted the version with the spelling mistake the next day and the sum dropped to 1c.

O Noes !

I am sure I will never make the required $50 in my whole life, but I would still like someone to explain why this happened.

Posted by IceDragon64 - August 10th, 2011

Missed London VIII again! The station was closed, so we drove down to try and find them at Hyde Park. We couldn't find them, so at 5pm we came home and I went on NG. THEN I scrolled down the page and discovered the alternative venue they all went to :(

Below is a pic of Earthdragon , Harry and myself in Kensington Gardens on the way home.

Never mind. We had a fun afternoon. If anyone wants to meet the Dragons in London, PM me and I will see what I can do.

London Meet or not