Entry #26

Passing by

2013-06-27 18:32:58 by IceDragon64

Hello Newgrounds! I don't come by very often these days, I've just popped in to see how it all is. The site changes a bit too fast for me now, I can't keep up! I hope some of you will consider dropping into Wikigrounds and keeping it up. I really can't spare the time any more and it would be a shame to let all that work get rusty and out of date. I hope someone will revitalise the Wikigrounds club thread too, its a great project and a great learning experience for someone who wants to get involved, or explore Newgrounds.

As for animating- I don't see that happening any time soon, I always struggled so much with sound etc. However, I do have a string of ideas and stored material and I am willing to collaborate with someone, providing art, experience and effort if someone else is ready to be the submitting author and do the bulk of the animating and sound.

My charity work keeps me very busy these days, on top of a full time job. The Dragons are still together, still giving blood and doing charity work, but not currently doing anything with animation or NG. The picture is three of us on our beloved New Southgate Millennium Green on a break from litterpicking etc.

If you leave a message for me on Wikigrounds I will get an e-mail

Best wishes to everyone- hope Newgrounds goes from strength to strength!

Passing by


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2014-02-04 10:41:22

that's a p fantastic work you've done with wikigrounds

which one are you in the picture?

IceDragon64 responds:

Dear Slint,

I am the one in the middle. To my left is the Thunder Dragon; to my right is Cloud Dragon. A forth Dragon took the photo- Earth Dragon AKA Earthdragon77 from Newgrounds. Alas I no longer have Flash and I have moved onto other things, but I still visit occasionally.

Best wishes,



2015-05-04 16:21:54


IceDragon64 responds:

Does this mean something?


2016-05-03 05:09:00

Heya -- I've posted hoping to do something to bring Wikigrounds back to life. My username on there is Troisnyxetienne (the same as my former NG username).