New Leadership for Wikigrounds?

2012-02-19 19:51:13 by IceDragon64

None of the old crowd are regularly on WikiG any more and I, for one will not be returning night after night. We do Watch for vandalism, but the creativity is in major decline. The wiki badly needs someone to come in and breath life into it. Somebody could take it on, as a succesion of other guys have done, and make a real difference working just a few hours a week, or even just once a month.
The wiki is quietly edited by passers-by and occasional returning regulars, but it needs some guidance and motivation from a small team, or even just one person. Somebody needs to breath life into the Club on the NG forums, to contact the old regulars, to plan the monthly themes and to change the Main Page Featured Articles. That person does not need to be a Wiki expert and the old crowd, including me, WOULD respond to somebody making an effort.
In the years that I was kind of at the helm, I learnt SO much and we achieved SO much, but I have other things to do now- what with a gf and a book to get published.
Contact me, or Salnax, or just get editing and people will reappear.

New Leadership for Wikigrounds?


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2012-02-19 20:54:05

I can help but then again my idea of notable is different to yours and that's why I love tvtropes.

IceDragon64 responds:

OK. Notability is now difined quite clearly on Wikigrounds- definitions that have been created over a long time by a team of people. Your assistance is always welcome!