Monthly Voting

2011-10-04 17:30:32 by IceDragon64

I am proud to be in the top ranks that get the chance to vote on the Monthly Flash Award, but I rarely take part. This is not because I can't be bothered or don't care. The flash I watch are usually whatever is in Judgment and only a small proportion of the top scorers. Thus when the great array of choice appears I feel I would not want to just pick from the few I watch - that would not be fair. It would create, for example, an unfair bias against games, which I do not have time for. The votes seem stacked against most of the games enough as it is- as Salnax observes on Wikigrounds.

To those of you who do watch and play all the Monthly selection and give them a fair judgment, which would take a lot of time and patience- I take my hat off to you!


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