Reyn0rrr is NOT Soup Squad

2011-08-19 20:21:52 by IceDragon64

I have been asked, as an independant person with a good reputation, to Post that to my knowledge the Soup Squad do not produce offensive material and that Reyn0rrr is not connected to the Soup Squad. Having had the same experience, of having my User Icon stolen and used in an offensive way, I sympathise with Narcissy, the owner of the Canned Soup icon that Reyn0rrr is currently using.


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2011-08-21 23:29:05

are you really 47

IceDragon64 responds:

Yes, why do you ask?


2011-08-22 16:43:57

I hope people read this. The Soup Squad thanks you.


2011-09-27 19:04:32

I am indifferent.