London Meet or not

2011-08-10 19:00:53 by IceDragon64

Missed London VIII again! The station was closed, so we drove down to try and find them at Hyde Park. We couldn't find them, so at 5pm we came home and I went on NG. THEN I scrolled down the page and discovered the alternative venue they all went to :(

Below is a pic of Earthdragon , Harry and myself in Kensington Gardens on the way home.

Never mind. We had a fun afternoon. If anyone wants to meet the Dragons in London, PM me and I will see what I can do.

London Meet or not


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2011-08-10 20:13:30

Was the station you were wanting to get on a Piccadilly line by any chance? It was announced beforehand that the stations from Cockfosters to King's Cross would be closed. As for the Saturday arrangement, it was cloudy weather at 1PM so we weren't sure until we got some raindrops which told us to go to Namco.

I'm hoping you did check for possible disruptions. If not, you'll know what to keep in mind next time. :) And don't worry, I too had some inconveniences for travelling in London last weekend, especially with having Farringdon station closed which made finding the aftermath group on Sunday a task (they all left by the time I got there).

IceDragon64 responds:

The key would be the phone number- I will know for next time.