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Part of the Dragon & Spirit Alliance. My DS Halloween & Christmas Quizzes are in the 2006 Collections- Yay! Please view and review my flash. I always reply and I often use suggestions.

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IceDragon64's News

Posted by IceDragon64 - October 1st, 2007

Happy to say that one of my 60 Word Stories has won a writing competition. Fish Publishing are looking for online votes for an overall winner in their Micro-Fiction Showcase. If you would be kind enough to take a look:
http://www.fishpublishing.com/showcase .php#top
-there is a small prize for some people who pick both winners.
You will also see an entry there from Kim Green, who is another one of the Dragons & Spirits.
I am inviting people to make an animation based on any of my four published 60 Word Stories. Please take a look at them here :
-and let me know if you are interested
Best Wishes to all of NG,

Posted by IceDragon64 - September 24th, 2007

Nothing in the way of big stuff- just editing, reviewing , voice acting etc for others. Got to concentrate on my writing. Skaijo's Pickup 2 is improved; I am honoured to chip in a little there, its so good! Go to my DA account if you want to catch up with recent projects of mine:

Contact me if you are working on anything and are expecting any help from me. I have so many projects on now I don't keep up with everyone!

Posted by IceDragon64 - September 4th, 2007

Skaijo's Pick Up 2 is nearly ready. The beta is here:


Please go and give her detailed feedback, especially on her questions. Its the last chance to help make this A+ as she submits to NG in a few days time.

Posted by IceDragon64 - August 21st, 2007

I am not doing any work on my own projects at the moment. Too much writing to do. If I promised to help you or work with you remind me and I will look into it. I aim to keep my promises. I am working with Ox Sox to improve Dragons Revenge at the moment. PM me if you have any thoughts.

Posted by IceDragon64 - August 1st, 2007

I gave blood today. So many people mean to do it and never get round to it. The place was quiet cos so many have gone on holiday, so stocks are low. Look it up in the phone book or whatever, find out where to go, bring a friend if you can, take young people so they can learn about it, an GO!

Posted by IceDragon64 - July 18th, 2007

-NG Tut collab got through judgement with my highest score yet- 3.6, but was submitted on a high scoring day so I still don't have a Portal Award :(
-Clix Pix has hit a glitch, so I cannot finish it yet. All feedback is OK and I will get the DS to help me
-Official Dragon Cyber-Friend Versucha of NY visited London and met all the DS. The Dragons showed her around London and the Spirits hosted a 4th July Party for her.